Where’s Grandpa?

July 15th, 2010

Audio MP3

Where’s MorMor?
Where’s Grandma?
Where’s Grandpa? ...

A while back, I asked Evan the whereabouts of some folks we know. Mostly wanted to catch him talking about grandpa, who was, at the time, far away on a big ship, playing piano. John, since you’re at it again, I thought you might enjoy this audio snippet.

Lost in the Woods

January 19th, 2010

Just before he turned two (Omigod, Evan’s two and we haven’t blogged about that!) (Or anything!) (Well, what’s this blog’s tagline anyway?) we started letting Evan watch what Anna’s watching on the TV (movies on DVD only—we still aren’t plugged in). And that’s a little different from when Anna started watching movies. He’s seeing Elmo, and Bob the Builder, and My Little Pony, and other stuff that Anna’s gotten into.

But we also kept showing him one of the first things we let Anna watch, and now he’s starting to love it just as much as she did—Lost in the Woods. It incorporates live footage of animals with photos from the book of the same name, with voiceovers creating a story. Actually, none of us call it “Lost in the Woods,” we call it “Spring is Here,” which is the first song. Evan’s been playing the first part of the DVD again and again, and just recently he’s started to let it play past the first song.

It’s in my head this morning, and I’ve realized how much Erika and I love this as well. There are catchy songs, dorky asides, and it all smacks of an independent effort to put something together innocent and charming. We love the story of making the movie as well. It shows how goofy the people are who put this together.

If you’re looking for the first thing to show a child on TV, we’d highly recommend this.

Ghee … it’s what’s for breakfast

January 18th, 2010

  1. Clarified butter might be better for you than butter (it is confusing, but I’m going with yes!)

  2. It is good for people with dairy allergies (casein and lactose free)

  3. Local & Organic (www.purityfarms.org)

  4. Tastes so good and no salt!

  5. I love saying the name!


September 23rd, 2009

Big E, little e, what begins with E? Erika, Evan, elephants! E, e, E!


September 22nd, 2009

C is for Cookie, Cancer, and Cure.