And one more thing…

Best phone call on the intercom ever*:

Help!—Poop!!—Broken things!!!

*That is, that I can recall at the moment, and probably we would have to say, not counting every time Anna is talking to me on the phone.

Right, time to go, and Anna just called to say,
“I really want to decorate, come now.”


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  1. erika says:

    to clarify:
    i broke a bowl while walking into the kitchen, which conveniently scattered on both sides of the baby gate so I couldn’t even block evan’s access to it (see “Things Evan Put in his mouth recently” for info on why this was important). Then I picked him up to scoot him away, hoping I could get him down for a nap before he discovered the mess, when much to my surprise, I got poop on my hand, and not just on my hand but under my fingernail (fellow parents can attest that is one of the grossest places). Luckily, as J works from home, I called for help.

  2. kneek says:

    This made me laugh out loud, the old fashioned way. Indeed, poop under the fingernail is terrible.

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