Chemo is done…now for the recovery

Well, that day is finally here, or passed rather… July 23 was my last chemo. I’m still feeling pretty crappy, the final one was definitely the worst (cumulative effect and all that). But it is all uphill from here. I will have one more surgery in November to replace the temporary “tissue expanders” that stretch the skin and chest muscles out. Then I’ll have my final, silicone implants and probably some minor “revisions.”

Now we’re looking at getting our lives back together, growing some hair, and generally hoping to get normal for the first time in 6 months. They say it can take a while, but hey, we’ve never been really normal anyway!


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  1. pokhra says:

    Here’s hoping that neither of you ever get to “normal” and your ‘revisions’ go smoothly. Or perky. Or whatever you’re after ;-)

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