Used up all my energy organizing Jeremy’s 40th (ahem, 39th) birthday party on Sunday, and then an event I’d also been planning for months was the next day. Before I was diagnosed, I had thought to cut my hair and donate it to a charity that makes wigs for women cancer patients who can’t afford a nice-looking, natural hair wig. I remembered the monstrosity Inga wore, and wanted to help out someone else. I had thought about it, contacted a salon, etc.

Then, suddenly, I was on a schedule, as the docs say I may lose my hair 2 to 2 1/2 weeks from the first chemo (which would be this Friday or so!). So with the help of marketing extraordinaire Terri, we got it all organized, got out a press release, put up a web page, printed flyers, and got the email viral marketing working.

In the end, 8 women cut their hair (actually, one was only 11 years old!) and 2 people dropped off ponytails. And I had a great support team for my cut, which was a bit drastic. But I wanted to get myself and the kids ready for the concept of me having no hair, which frankly seems not to phase them in the least.

Thanks to Crazy Horse Salon, Marketplace Bakery, Vic’s Coffee, and Huckleberry Restaurant for their donations, and especially to Terri, Mona, and Deb!


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