Look Good … Feel Better

You have hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice when you hear me say the title of this program from the American Cancer Society “Look Good, Feel Better.” Or at least the sarcasm I used to feel… I generally hold at arms length anything so “ra-ra” as this program. It is a joint venture by the Cancer Society and the American Cosmetics Assn (or something like that), and you sit in a room with other cancer patients and have a makeup professional show you how to fix your face. But it is more than that… they teach you how to put in eyebrows if they are gone, techniques for keeping skin healthy during treatment, etc. And I looked fabulous afterwards, and got to take home the makeup! More makeup than I have ever put on in my life, but if there was anytime that I needed it, it is now. So maybe I won’t do it much, but once in a while, it is nice to look great.

I’m feeling much better this round of chemo (had my 3rd treatment 2 weeks ago, have another week to go before the next). The 2nd round was much worse than my last blog post let on. I was fine for a few days, and then I got the unexplained intense stomach pains. Basically I wasn’t eating enough, and once it hurt, I ate less (saltines and chicken soup). And on and on down the spiral of hell. But then I figured out how to eat again (just one toke!), and it got better from there. So this last time of chemo, I tried really hard not to stop eating, and had soluble fiber powder in my drinks. My oncologist does not like the idea of unregulated medications, and prescribed Marinol (the medical version of marijuana) in a pill. It worked too, but much stronger, one pill put me out of commission for 6 hours! So now I have more tools for dealing with chemo, and hopefully I’ve got it figured out, until the next unexplained symptoms!


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