Plunge into Chaos

Day 1
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Last week, the gloves came off. All of the planning we’d done thus far started to become a reality.

It all started when Erika held up the little swizzle stick which had turned blue in about 6 seconds. From that moment on, the clock started ticking. I really hadn’t thought about it too much before then, but even before we could see Erika’s belly grow, a funny thing happened.

Our house started shrinking around us.

What was our palace, our kingdom, our magnificent … um, cute little miner’s bungalow which needs work, began showing signs of not being big enough. So we started to think that maybe we really would have to move, or possibly add on. Next year. Or at least before both of the kids were 4 or 5, or so.

But it kept on shrinking. My (step)sister Erica asked me on the phone,

“You know that feeling you have? That feeling that the house is too small, maybe a little cramped? Do you really think that’s going to go away?”

That did it for me, anyway. “Honey, we’ve gotta do something,” I said to Erika. I don’t recall her exact words, but she was miles ahead of me. She’d been looking up houses on the MLS site for awhile, I recall, and so we looked at a few.

And you know, we didn’t see a thing we liked. We didn’t want to move. We wanted to stay here. And we both just wanted to add on to our house. So that’s what we decided to do.

That was about half an hour ago, and now the summer’s definitely out the door, and we seem to have found our way into plans from an architect (Jeff is the man), mountains of credit to play with (yes we’re aware there is some sort of housing credit crisis, but that’s not for us), and, as of this week, a big hole in the ground with concrete walls rising out of it.

Fall’s coming. Snow’s coming. A baby’s coming. And our fine contractor and brother-in-law Darren has a few weeks to build something where once the bindweed reigned king.

I think the wild rumpus has begun.


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  1. kneek says:

    Three posts in an evening? You know you can stagger the publishing times/dates so you can drag out your readers, giving them one piece a day. You spoil us after so many months of drought.

    The pictures look great. Put up more! Can’t wait to see it. Erika’s description confused me completely. I look forward to seeing some plans, or schematic. I do better with pictures.

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