Treatment update

Next Friday (May 1) I’ll be getting a port put in my arm so that chemo can be done directly into a vein into my chest (the arm port has a tube threaded through a vein into a larger vein in my chest) to avoid the burning pain that accompanies putting chemo (especially Adriamiacyn) into a peripheral, smaller, vein. Then immediately after that it is time to get back on the chemo train.

I’m just sort of getting things figured out, and most of what I have (hopefully) figured out is that it shouldn’t be this bad next time. Much of the doubling over in pain that happened this week was I now believe the result of my unfortunately timed period and the fight between my uterus and the chemo for possession of my body. At least that is my hope. Tonight, after taking much pain pills, I did eat a normal meal (the yummy, yummy pasta with chicken, green beans, and lots of cheese) and even a few bites of Jeremy’s birthday cake – I always want chocolate with my period. And no stomach pain or diarrhea! Hooray! So perhaps without the battle in my mid-section, I’ll experience the more normal progression of chemo, 2-4 days of bone pain and congestion and moderate nausea, and then a few more days of minor nausea, and then some semblance of a normal life with fatigue until the next chemo.

I’ll keep you posted! BTW, when I had my blood test (CBC) on day 10 of my chemo cycle, which was this past Monday, everything looked normal, my white blood cells were fine. So this cycle at least, I’m not in imminent danger of illness/infection or anything too yucky. In fact, except for this intestinal/uterine cramping, I feel pretty good, if more tired than usual.


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  1. kneek says:

    I forgot to ask you about the port when we spoke today. It was on my list of questions. Congrats on the normal cbc results. Yeah! You can continue eating from other people’s plates for a while longer. How did the Earth cake turn out? Did you get any photos of the party?

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